Ac Replacements Explained

How air conditioner's work and when should you change it!


Air conditioner systems recommended life expectancy is from 10-12 years. The common problems people have with hvac systems are refrigerant leaks and compressor failure. Compressors usually fail from lack of changing the filter, keeping condenser coil cleaned, and maintaining proper refrigerant levels. Refrigerant leaks happen from either vibration to the pipe or a manufacture default in the pipe. Not only do older air condition systems raise your electric bills but they also don't cool as well making it reasonable time to do a ac replace. Air conditioners work by taking the heat in your home and placing outside where it makes no difference to you. With climate change becoming more extreme summers older systems are having an issue keeping the house temperature to the desired level. Some would consider air condition as a luxury but another could argue that the risk of getting heat stroke from excessive temperatures in the house would make it an necessity. So consider changing your system before they fail. We offer full service in Voorhees Township, Berlin and Cherry Hill as well as many surrounding areas.

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