About our air conditioner installations.




It has been 19 years since Down Home Service opened its doors to serve residential clients, and we have not looked back since. We are dedicated to providing superior quality air conditioning and heating services; this family owned business is the one-stop home improvement solution committed to providing you with a comfortable indoor environment and value for money.




When it comes to Home Improvement you must always get the best in the business, and providing you exactly what you need is Down Home Service. Down Home Service is a family owned home improvement business that has been popular for 19 years among its delighted customers for providing the highest quality services. Best heating Cooling Air Conditioning Air Quality Repair and replacement of electric boilers, gas and heat pumps and other maintenance services. With an excellent response network and a fantastic team, Down Home Service has become a household name in New Jersey. 



What makes us different from other companies is that we make our business personal. Unlike everyone else we treat our client's homes as if they're ours while treating you as if your family. When we see you out and about we will remember who you are and will walk up to just say hello and see how you are doing and how the air conditioner installation or ac repair went at your home. Because we care about you and your family. Around the age of 10 years of a furnace its time to start thinking of changing it. There are many reasons from saving on your gas bill or the safety of your family. Manufacture recommend replacing your system around 10-12 years because of potential malfunctioning of the components. Common problems that start to go bad are cracked heat exchanger, bad draft inducer motor, blower motor failure, and electronic control board failure. The biggest concern would be the failure of the heat exchanger. On the inside of the heat exchanger, the flame is burning while on the outside of the metal-air is blown across absorbing the heat from the heated metal. If a crack happens then carbon monoxide can leak into the home causing many health problems. such as sick, dizzy, tired, and even death can occur. With maintenance checkups you can keep an eye on the shape of the heat exchanger keeping you and your family from harm's way. Offering superior air conditioning repairs in Voorhees Township, Berlin, and Cherry Hill.

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