Furnace replacement cost in Voorhees Township

80% Natural Gas Furnace


The average furnace replacement cost in Voorhees Township can vary by much. Things like code updates can make the cost go up high and the size of the furnace. The cost will be much lower than a high efficient furnace. Depending on the brand of a furance and location will also make a change. The average cost for a furnace in cherry hill nj is from $4000 - $6000. Most companyies will add an extra $1000 to the cost if its in a short attic or a small crawl space due to the extra time in labor. Our base price starts at $2500. This would include pulling the permits for furnace cost in Voorhees Township. Wonder why is our price so much lower ? We are a small company with a small office to keep our over head down low. Our vans are older vans and even the owner is still involved with every install.The techs are still well paid as well. We would rather make less while keeping our customer happy. Alot of the larger companies use the excuse that they have a large building to pay for and many expenses. This is true to some detail but not all.  A friend of mine once said you can be a pig but don"t be a hog! In other words make a fair living without taking advance of people. Contact us to get a better understanding on pricing on furnace cost in Cherry Hill.

High Efficiency Gas Furnace


The average cost of changing a high efficiency furnace in voorhees nj can vary alot from the efficiency rating to the brand. Furnace's start at 92% and go up to 98%. There are many models from single stage gas valve with a variable blower to modulating blower with multi stage gas valve . The can vary by alot. Here in cherry hill nj the cost for a 92% furance direct change out starts at $8000- $12000. If there are many code updates they can vary alot for example if there are no pvc flue pipes installed yet that will add alot of labor and parts ranging from $1600 to $1800. Here at Down Home Service we charge flat rate prices for example if it was a direct change out furnace up to 100k btu furnace would be $4000 with a 10 year warranty and permits pulled. Contact us to get a better understanding on pricing.

Heat Pump Installation


Heat pumps are becoming much more popular here in voorhees nj. Alot of companies don't believe they work and don't have much experience on them so they price heat pumps very high to deter people from getting them. The truth is they work very well infact the owner of Down Home Service has one in his house and they make a great addition to a home that has solar since they are all electric. the average cost for a heat pump in cherry hill nj is $8000- $12000. 

We install these systems for $6000 including condenser and coil. Why is our price so much lower? Well we save by keeping our over head down and even having the owner staying involved in every install to maintain a good relations hip with all his customers. Making sure all installations pass his check list. Making less but giving a honest price is always been Down Home Service motto.  Contact us to get a better understanding on pricing. 

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