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How heat pumps work and when to change them


Heat pumps believe it or not are very efficient. In fact, they are 300 percent for every dollar spent. The reason they get a bad name for being costly to run is depending on the cost of electricity in your area. Heat pumps are 100 percent electric. The basic idea on how they work is there air condition in reverse. A heat pump works by taking the heat out of the air outside and bringing it inside. You do get less heat out of the air in colder climates but still able to get heat even in climates as low as 20 degrees. When it gets below 20 degrees an electric heat strip kicks on. Unfortunately, this is where it can get costly because heat strips are only 100 percent efficient. Here in Berlin NJ, I have a heat pump that works well and its a lot cheaper than having oil heat. Gas heat is the cheapest when paying for a heat source. If you have solar then a heat pump would become the cheapest solution. Unfortunately, no everyone has solar. Most heat pump system last about 15 years before they start having costly problems. The two main issues that develop is refrigerant leaks and compressor failure. Compressor tends to go bad due to mechanical failure parts that break in extreme low or high temperatures. Refrigerant leaks happen from either copper tubing or aluminum tubing breaking leaking the refrigerant out. This happens from vibrations of the tubing or just weak spot in the tubing when it was manufactured. Heat pumps are not a dangerous heater to malfunction, but when they are not working correctly, they do cost a lot or easily cause no heat in the home. This is why its recommend maintaining a heat pump yearly to prevent costly repairs and help system last longer. We offer heat pump replace in Voorhees Township and heat pump replace in Cherry Hill. If you decide you don't want to replace your system we offer heat pump repair in Voorhees Township.

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