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If you already have an 80% furnace installed in your home, then it is not worth the extra cost of labor and parts to upgrade to a condensing high-efficiency furnace. Here is the reason why. Existing 80% furnaces would vent into your chimney. While the new high-efficiency furnace will not vent to your chimney because the way the furnace gets the extra efficiency is by sending the flue gasses through a second heat exchanger where it can absorb more heat. This cause's condensation from the rapid cooling of the hot gases. If we were to use the metal chimney piping, it would rust out in a matter of weeks. So the way a high-efficiency system is vented by using large 2-4 in PVC piping to vent outside the home. Not only does the pipes cost more in supplies but also take addition 6-8 hours of labor to install. Another way it ends up costing you is when you separate the furnace from the chimney you now need to add a chimney liner for existing appliance to vent accurately such as your gas water heater. Are you probably wondering why? Here is an example, let's say our water heater is 40k btu and your furnace is 100k btu that means the chimney is sized for 140k btu. When you take the furnace away, the chimney does not magically shrink. So we fix this when adding a chimney liner. Wonder how much does a liner typically cost? They range from $1200 -$2200. So what does this mean? If you have a high-efficiency system already it is not worth changing backward either.  Wonder why do people push the high-end equipment? Companies claim its saving to you but all it is an opportunity for the company to make more money. We have been servicing high efficiency furnace in Voorhees Township and high efficiency furnace in Cherry Hill for many years. As well as condensing furnace in Voorhees Township.

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Some times its worth changing over to a higher end system and other times its just a waste of money and could cause possible issues. Read more to find out how.

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