OIL FURNACE'S EXPLAINED and oil furnace replacement in Voorhees Township

Should you convert to gas or stay with oil?


Oil furnaces are becoming more and more lest common especially her in Berlin NJ. Oil prices have gone up, and gas prices have gone down. However, the question is should you convert to gas. At most oil furnaces are 60% efficient, and that is when they're running at their best. In order to have a properly running oil furnace every year the oil filter and oil screen must be replaced while also performing a combustion test. The combustion test takes about 1.5 hours to complete using the very expensive equipment. We use the combustion test to check how the oil burner is burning. To see if it's burning rich or lean. The closer we get to complete combustion the higher the efficiency. The average cost of performing proper maintenance on oil is $250-$300. If you're not spending this, then the company is cutting corners and not doing correctly. It's just simple supplies and parts vs cost ratio. When you take the savings of changing to a furnace that is 98% efficient and the maintenance savings the new system will pay for the cost to change in just a few years. We offer oil furnace replacement in Voorhees Township as well as oil furnace replacement in Cherry Hill. If you decide you don't want to replace your oil furnace then we do offer oil furnace repair in Voorhees Township.